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5 Travel Nursing Myths Debunked!

Travel nursing seems like a gratifying occupation with a deluge of perks ranging from travel opportunities to a high payroll.


Like any other profession, travel nursing is surrounded by a few myths and ideas that can be problematic, especially if you seek a career in this niche.

Good for you because there is much more to travel nursing than meets the eye!

Please put all your worries to rest and read through this article as we happily clear the air around the five most commonly-heard myths regarding travel nursing.

Travel nurses are not treated well by permanent staff

With all the perks a travel nurse enjoys, it seems obvious that permanent staff members must be envious of all their glory.

Imagine this—you have traveled miles and finally arrived at a hospital to do your job, but no matter what you do, the permanent staff hates you.

That would sure be a big bummer, wouldn’t it?

Lucky for you, this is far from the truth, and it doesn’t have to be this way!

Most hospitals seek aid from travel nurses to compensate for an extended absence or fill a shortage.


By taking some load, you are easing them off their burden and helping them tackle the workload!

As long as you demonstrate a positive attitude and conversate with the staff with an endearing smile, you will be welcomed with utmost enthusiasm and relief.

Jumping on a clump of assignments makes a lousy impression on a résumé

Industry experts testify to the fact that having diversified experience power a résumé.

We hoped it would be obvious considering this profession’s “travel” prefix!

Tina Gonzales, the Recruitment Director for NursesRx,, explains, “Travel nurses who work in a variety of settings show their flexibility and depth of skill level, something that’s very appealing to nurse managers.”

Employers in the healthcare sector understand that multiple assignments indicate experience and expertise.

It also shows that you can offer a broader spectrum of knowledge, unlike a travel nurse who has just started.

Basically, the more you have worked, the more competence you will have to handle any crazy shift thrown at you!

Pro tip: You’ll get brownie points for working on multiple assignments if you can use them to demonstrate your traveling specialty. Otherwise, it may appear as if you are just job hopping.

You have to switch between jobs every 13 weeks

We understand why this myth can be a dealbreaker for someone who intends to plan a career in travel nursing.

After all, 13 weeks pass by in the blink of an eye!

The tale of 13-week assignments is typical in this profession.

However, it is only limited to some hospitals.

So, if you love travel nursing, but dreads the trouble of switching to another location every three months, rest assured.

In many cases, hospitals offer extensions that can last several months oror even years.


If you are a pro at your work, they may even shower you with enticing bonuses and rewards.

A little world of caution here,

Once your contract ends, it is up to you to accept or reject an extension offer.

Make sure to weigh in all your options before setting your heart on a decision.

We also recommend taking legal advice to better comprehend the contract’s terms.

Travel nursing is meant for the young, wild, and free

The best part about travel nursing is that there’s no one size fits all approach involved.

Whether you’re 20 or 50, your age has nothing to do with this job.

If anything, tenured nurses are lauded for their experience and are much more likely in higher demand.

After all, they are equipped with therapeutic solid skills and the ability to accommodate themselves into new facilities.

We love this as a profession to jump into through life’s transitions.


Whether you are retiring as an RN at 40 or sending your daughter off to college; this is one journey you can always embark on!

Your travel company will decide where you go next

One of the key reasons why travel nursing is a gratifying job is that it offers unmatchable flexibility.

As a travel nurse, you are solely in the authority of your next assignment.

This freedom can be pretty exciting!


Whether you are under a family obligation or would like to stay in the comfortable proximity of a location, it’s you who gets to decide.

Feel free to be transparent in terms of your preferences with your recruiter when it comes to booking the next contract.

Wrapping Up:

Travel nursing—a professional adventure on wheels! A word from ExpTek

Not many people have the luxury of choosing their path.

This is what makes travel nursing an excellent career choice for a globetrotter (yes, you can totally go international!).

Don’t let these misconceptions prevent you from pursuing a career in travel nursing, and miss out on many exciting perks it brings! 

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