In the present times, organizations can easily use machines and organize their workloads effortlessly. However, in all this, businesses often miss out on security, which is an essential aspect of the delivery pipeline. Here, DevSecOps comes into the picture as it automatically takes care of the security at every phase of the software development lifecycle.

At Explore TEK, we understand that suitable infrastructure is vital for the success of any DevSecOps program. Our team of experts is the best for designing safe environments to back the agile development of secure software. We bring together high-level architecture proficiency with Agile Development & DevSecOps to develop, endure, and update applications to take care of the growing business needs of organizations and keep them secure. At Explore TEK, we incorporate our Agile systems with the client’s engineering processes to withstand legacy systems simultaneous with new initiatives and effectively deliver the required software applications and updates. With us, all the emphasis will be on enabling the proper development of quality software for your needs.

At Explore TEK, our team of experts will work with you to recognize your development needs and market space so they can design the best suitable environment for you. Regardless of your need, we will develop a custom-made solution to fulfill your requirements and provide the needed security and proficiency. Moreover, our approach maximizes stakeholder engagement; and offers you transparency into the progress of the project. We use several high-quality tools to enable DevSecOps automation and are the best when it comes to designing a suitable solution for your needs.

 Contact us now and use our Agile Development & DevSecOps services for the growth of your business. At High Tech Commerce Inc., we will work to bring together people, processes, and expertise to deliver better software competently.


Agile Transformation

  • User Stories
  • Incremental Development
  • Iterative Development
  • Milestone Retrospective
  • Coaching & Advisory


  • Time to Market
    Planning – Jira, Zoom, Clarizen
  • DevOps Tools – Gradle, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef
    Kubernetes – Build, Deploy, Operate

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

  • Single Source repository – “Build and test”
  • Earlier failure detection.
  • Automate the build/Test.
    CI/CD Pipeline – Commit/Test/Deploy

Lightweight Architecture

  • Quick Setup and easy deployment
  • Testing : automated testing techniques