Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions result in a massive transformation in how organizations access information, design and develop applications and manage expenses. These services are changing how businesses use information technology. The advantages of cloud computing are extensively recognized, and companies are trying their best to keep up with the transformation.

At Explore TEK, we use the best Cloud Computing solutions to assist organizations in transforming their IT environment. The solutions developed by our team helps in providing a competitive edge to the organizations while at the same time reducing their IT resource requirements. We help organizations to become more flexible and receptive to the constantly changing market landscape, therefore helping them in the decision-making. Our solutions also help businesses in improving their productivity and lowering costs.

Explore TEK supports and manages the world’s prominent cloud platforms that enable the client to set up the environment, so you do not have to take care of everything on your own. We have assisted the design, development, and launch of efficient cloud-based solutions for many organizations, including Federal, State, and other agencies. Our comprehensive familiarity and experience in cloud technology and our dedicated team of experts let us develop custom-made solutions that help businesses reach their objectives.

Contact us and use our cloud solutions. We assure you that with us, your organization will use cloud computing to the maximum. We help organizations make the most of the cloud and achieve measurable results from migration to storage to cloud management. Our solutions are suited for all customer challenges relating to a seamless transition to the cloud. We understand that cloud is not just technology; therefore, our solutions also take care of the personnel and culture change required for success. So get ready to regulate your platforms, transform business models, and automate operations with our cloud solutions.


Cloud Migration

  • Planning, Analysis, Discovery, Execution
  • Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Migration to AWS
  • Migration to Google

Cloud Engineering and Automation

  • Custom software engineering
  • Custom Application Automation
  • Agile Transformation

Cloud Security

  • Audit/Monitoring Support

Cloud Platform

  • ERP to SAP Cloud Support
  • ERP to Oracle
  • Cloud Support
  • Salesforce Cloud Support
  • ERP to Microsoft
  • Cloud Support

Data Transformation

  • Data Extraction, Data Mining
  • Data Re-Engineering