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ExpTek : Global Provider of IT Staffing Services and Solutions

An industry leader in professional IT services and healthcare staffing sourcing, ExpTek Staffing Inc.- A Global Provider of IT Staffing Services and Solutions with 15+ years of Experience, provides a wide range of services for companies of all sizes. For specific talents required for IT modernization, IT infrastructure, cyber security, cloud solutions, agile DevSecOps, and other clerical and manpower categories, we specialise in offering speedy recruiting and personnel sourcing.

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Who We Are?

A business called ExpTek focuses on offering a broad range of IT solutions and cybersecurity providers dedicated to safeguarding businesses, governments, and individuals in an increasingly interconnected digital world. Since its inception i.e. from the past 15 years into this business, our team of highly qualified and experienced experts has been committed to becoming a trusted partner in the realm of information technology, offering comprehensive solutions that address the most complex cybersecurity challenges and meet each client's unique requirements.

ExpTek Staffing Inc (ExpTek)

ExpTek has 3 Business Unit

ExpTek - ExpTek is a global provider of IT Staffing Services and Solutions for 15 years, exclusively serving Technical and Professional staff augmentation clients for providing temporary employment services at the highest quality and most effective cost. ExpTek expertise in providing temporary resources across the country has allowed it to become one of the primary sources of contingent labor across multiple public sector clients. ExpTek delivers workforce management solutions that include contingent staffing recruitment services spanning a wide breadth of labor categories. ExpTek provides Full-Service Staffing- Staff Augmentation (Contract, Temporary, Contract-to-Hire), Employer of Record (Payroll Services), Talent Retention Solutions (Retirees, Others), HR, Engineering, and IT Consulting Services, Independent Contractor (IC) /1099 Verification and Compliance in the following Industries- Professional and Technical, Engineering, Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Administrative, Manufacturing.

Nurssy - Nurssy is the Best Healthcare Staffing Agency for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, entity, exclusively servicing Healthcare Staffing and Travel Nursing Staffing, IT job based portal can help you discover your Next Adventure: Travel Nurse Staffing with best competitive travel package and local rates. Nurssy marvels in the field of healthcare by providing efficient and qualified travel nurses to patients in need. Believing in the realm of constantly focussing on improving skills, Nurssy let its staff to focus on their education and improving at every step.

ExpGov - ExpGov, ExpTek Staffing group entity that focusses on Expert IT Support for Federal, State, and Local Government Projects. Considering our client’s data security as our prime motto, ExpGov works towards preserving the confidential information of its customers through its cybersecurity wing. By keeping the security as the prime focus, we tend to give the best solutions to our clients’ ongoing problems.

Our mission is to provide our clients with cutting-edge cybersecurity services and IT solutions that will help them prosper in the digital era while protecting the privacy, integrity, and availability of their data. 

Our team of highly qualified and well experienced experts is committed to assisting our clients in updating their IT infrastructure, enhancing their cyber security services - including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, threat detection, and incident response, and implementing cloud solutions that satisfy their particular demands and specifications.

We provide a variety of software development solutions, such as bespoke software development, legacy system modernization, and application maintenance and support, in addition to IT modernization and infrastructure services. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality, dependable software that fulfils their demands. We have a plethora of experience working with a number of programming languages and platforms.

We offer a variety of administrative solutions, including project management, quality assurance, and technical writing, in addition to our core IT and software development services. Our staff is committed to providing 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support to maintain the best performance and security of our IT infrastructure. We have a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budget.

On the whole, Exptek’s commitment to security extends beyond its services. We adhere to strict security protocols in our own operations, ensuring that client data remains confidential and protected at all times.