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Cloud services are a broad category of internet-delivered, on-demand computer resources and applications that are frequently offered by cloud service providers (CSPs). These services make it possible for people, businesses, and developers to use and access a variety of IT resources without having to purchase or maintain actual hardware and infrastructure. The main categories of cloud services include the following:

Cloud Strategy Consulting

A specialized service offered by consulting companies and professionals is cloud strategy consulting, which aids in the development and implementation of practical adoption and exploitation plans for cloud computing technology.

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Cloud Infrastructure Support

The methods and services used to manage and maintain the underlying IT infrastructure that supports cloud computing environments are termed as cloud infrastructure support.

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Identity & Access Management Service

Organizations utilize Identity and Access Management (IAM) as procedures, tools, and guidelines to manage and restrict digital assets and system access.

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Cloud Development Services

A set of tools, platforms, and services known as cloud development services are offered by cloud service providers (such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) and independent vendors

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